Alcoholism And Erectile Dysfunction Anxiety

While at the same time alcohol intoxication can increase sexual desire, however the side affect of alcoholism can inhibit sexual performance leading to Erectile Dysfunction Anxiety.

The scientific explanation, is that alcohol is a central nervous system depressant.

However it can lead to  a condition where an individual can feel less inhibited along with a increased level of sexual desire.

For many people that consume alcohol, do it because it is a pleasant accompaniment to activities they take part in.

Several studies and clinical trials has determined that  a moderate consumption of alcohol, up to two drinks a day for men, is not harmful for most men. According to the Journal of American Medical Association, moderate consumption of alcohol, one or two drinks a day could in fact reduce your risk of coronary heart disease and lower your risk of getting astroke. Before a sexual encounter, a glass of red wine could help in relaxing you, and creating the right mood.

However, Alcoholism Goes Beyond creating the right mood for a sexual encounter, to creating A Dependency On A Substance.

It has been estimated that that nearly 17.6 million American’s Abuse Alcohol are or a Alcoholic. Several million more engage in risky drinking that can in fact lead to other health problems including Erectile Dysfunction Anxiety.

The consequences of alcoholism are very serious,as well as life threatening in some cases.

Alcoholism has been known to increase the risk of certain cancers,especially those of the liver, esophagus,throat, and the larynx.

As well as, causing cirrhosis of the liver,and other immune system issues, and even braindamage in some cases.

Alcoholism and erectile dysfunction anxiety are linked together.

What is Alcoholism ?

Alcoholism is a disease that commonly includes these four symptoms:

A Strong Craving or compulsion to drink.

Loss Of Control: the inability to control the amount that you drink. Always Needing Just One More.

Physical Dependence: When trying to stop you experience withdrawal symptoms like nausea,sweating,shakiness, and anxiety over satisfying your carving.

Increased Tolerance Level: needing more alcohol to get the same results.

It’s been said that all you need to overcome alcoholism is a little willpower.

This line of reasoning has no basis in fact. Alcoholism is a diease and has little to do with willpower, because of the powerfull grip of the carving, or uncontrollable desire for alcohol, the desire to quit gets over riden by the craving. This need can be as strong as need for food and water…

Alcoholism, Aging, and Erectile Dysfunction Anxiety

Several Medical studies,reviews,and clinical studies have determined that as people grow older they become more sensitive to the affects of alcohol. This being the case, the same amount of alcohol can have a greater impact on a older person, than a younger person drinking the same amount.

High Blood pressure and diabetes which also can lead to erectile dysfunction anxiety can worsen with alcohol consumption.

It’s a well known fact,that many medicines, prescription, over the counter drugs,along with some herbal remedies can be life threatening when mixed with alcohol.

This being more of a concern for the aging because the average person over 65 is on some kind of daily medication.